My New Year’s Resolution

It happens every year. A new year invites people to set goals for themselves, regardless of their prior history with the practice. Some people do keep them, and by year’s end can proudly say they stuck to their will and carried out their ideas from fruition to completion (in some shape or form). Others have renewed devotion at the start that eventually dwindles down to nothing in the span of months or weeks, perhaps even days after January 1st for some reason or another.

I used to set resolutions for myself at the start of the new year, and more often than not I ended up falling into the second category of well-meaning individuals whom I previously described. At some point, I realized that such a list was not the way to go, even if it was the primary method of organization I see dividends from in other areas of my life. So much could happen within the year that I grew worried about external circumstances changing the course of my journey. This time around in the second week of the new year, I think I have figured out a way around this problem: create and attend to one serious resolution—something I can stick to in terms of the majority, so even if I¬†don’t do absolutely everything, I can still end the year and say I¬†accomplished something.

My resolution? Learn more about my nonreligious identity, and how to navigate with it in my daily life.

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