Dreams Can Be a B

It’s Summer vacation, and I’m not used to being up this early. So, why am I?

Well, originally I thought it was going to be because I got excited last night/early this morning about maybe starting to clean my room today. I went over the Pinterest board I made especially for this task, full of neat little organizational tips and tricks to declutter my space.

Instead, I am up this early because dreams can be a real bitch sometimes.

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It Finally Feels Like Autumn

I knew it felt like Autumn, at last, when I wore skinny jeans and a long-sleeved shirt on October 1st.

Today, when I added socks and a camisole to that ensemble for warmth, it really felt like Autumn.

The dark skies and short bursts of rain.

Wearing a scarf, the wind icy on my face as I sped along on my scooter.

The brief moments of sunlight cutting in, but again making way for the only shades of gray that don’t depress me.

Winter, like a timid toddler, hiding behind my legs as green leaves turned red, orange, and brown.

The day is shorter, but I have never felt more awake, more alive.

My blood runs with possibilities, my heart pumping them throughout my body, encouraging and energizing me.

It’s not the first season that comes to mind when I’m asked what my favorite season of, but I am now reminded how it remains my unspoken preference of the four. All of them have their virtues, but something about the chills and thrills of Autumn bring me to a state of peace.

Seeing this time of year, means we’ve gotten this far. We can only keep going forward.