I Have Nothing

You know it’s bad when Comedy Central is coming on short on the ability to deliver comedy on a night like this.

You know it’s bad when the people you rely on for laughs are just as afraid as you are.

I can offer no optimism in this pivotal time in our nation’s history.

No matter how this election turns out, this election and its propaganda have divided our nation. We’ve seen sexism, racism, and all sort of other-isms come out in full force, and for a while, I thought we were better than this. I thought that we could embrace a progressive line of thinking, in that we should be able to see human beings as human beings.

History has its eyes on us, and those eyes are witnessing sorrow. It may turn around, but even then…I don’t know. I wasn’t lying when I said I can’t offer much in the way of optimism here.

Save for this: Remember the right to impeach. That may come in handy soon.