About Me

14853207_10154630405170409_7975984562583126958_oMy name is Michelle, and when I’m writing this, I am in my senior year of university. It’s taken me a long while to get here, but I’m almost done. I couldn’t be more thrilled or more frightened.

I grew up in the Central Valley region of California, more specifically in the town of Merced. I did all of my public schooling there, spent my entire childhood in one place. I went to the Bay Area when I first wanted to go to university, but had to drop out after a year. Flash forward to about a half a year after that, I started at community college in my hometown. After graduating with an Associate of Arts Transfer degree in Communication Studies, I transferred to theĀ four-year university I’m enrolled in right now. My aim is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, in the Relational and Organizational track.

After that, I’m not sure. That’s part of why I created this blog. While I do have people in my life with whom I can share my journey, I want to also reach out to the people who have stories and thoughts similar to my own. No matter what period of life your in—age, work, school, etc.—I hope to provide a place here where you can read my words and feel a little less alone. If you’re not feeling lonely, then I hope I’ll be able to entertain you with my various musings and adventures (or misadventures).

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I have also begun to prepare for the endeavor of self-teaching myself to play the violin. If you’re interested in that, please visit the blog I made to document the process—My Stringed Muse: The Diary of a Beginning Violin Player